4 Reasons Why Staying in Compliance with your HOA is Beneficial

4 Reasons Why Staying in Compliance with your HOA is Beneficial

When house-hunting, you make the decision whether or not to consider purchasing a home within a homeowners association. When a buyer makes an offer on a home within a HOA, prior to close of the property, they receive, for their review, all of the association CC&Rs, HOA rules and regulations, etc.

This is to ensure that new residents know, understand and have an opportunity to pose questions to the real estate agent and the HOA Board regarding said association rules and regulations before making the commitment to living within the HOA neighborhood.

With all of the care and consideration taken to inform, educate and assimilate new owners into the culture of an HOA, there are still those residents who have a hard time staying within compliance.

Here are 4 points to utilize when reminding the most challenging of residents that staying within compliance of the HOA is in their best interests.

Remind your residents regularly that association rules and regulations help keep issues such as barking dogs, broken down vehicles in front yards, odors, garbage and parking violations, managed.

Rules and regulations within an HOA, especially those with ARC design guidelines help raise the property value of the entire community by promoting a cohesive, pleasing aesthetic throughout the neighborhood.

HOAs provide many benefits to residents, from managing pools, tennis courts, clubhouse activities, and maintaining the beautification of common grounds to enforcing association rules and regulations, designed to help residents live harmoniously with one another.

HOAs who hire a management company provide a “Third Impartial Party” compliance officer, whose job it is to help mitigate conflict between neighbors and maintain harmony within the HOA.

If you are on a HOA Board and want advice on how to facilitate compliance within your neighborhood, contact HOAMCO at 1-800-447-3838. Helping to create harmonious communities is our specialty.