HOAMCO delivers lifestyle management solutions to empower and enrich your community.

A critical component to managing communities is the successful integration of lifestyle services into each community’s unique culture. From planning social events or educational seminars to putting together block parties for the residents of our communities.

We take the stress away from your already busy board by staffing spa and fitness facilities, planning community events, and developing wellness programs. HOAMCO designs customized, unique lifestyle plans to keep your community healthy and connected; ask how we can help your community’s lifestyle thrive.

HOAMCO takes a proactive approach in organizing your festivities! Here’s how:


  • HOAMCO surveys residents to find common interests, then locates and screens activity instructors, selecting only the most qualified, certified, and insured specialists for employment screening.
  • We schedule your community’s active calendar and make ready the appropriate room/space for those activities.
  • We promote your events and activity schedule through eBlasts, posts to bulletin boards as well as your Website, to creative cohesive, centralized event and amenities communications available to every resident.
  • We hire, train, and educate your concierge staff to be knowledgeable point of-service contacts for your community’s calendar.
  • We train your staff on how to provide white-glove concierge service to answer questions regarding the activities.
  • We send follow-up, calendar reminders to Homeowners and recreation instructors regarding your event.

These are a few of the many ways HOAMCO creates and manages seamless, thriving community lifestyles. If you are interested in how HOAMCO can help manage your community’s unique lifestyle, call us today at (800) 447-3838.