A Nordic Museum Tour

A Nordic Museum Tour

Tuesday afternoon, Trilogy Members shuttled to the Nordic Museum in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle to learn about the history of the Nordic nations and the journey of Nordic people to America. After an English pub lunch at The Market Arms, we walked two blocks to the museum to begin exploring.

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Our guide led the group on a private tour through the newly-constructed premises and educated the Members on everything from the floor-to-ceiling map of the Nordic nations in the lobby to the innovative inflatable bike helmet that has yet to be approved for use in the U.S. to traditional wear made from fish skins.

As many of the Members are of Nordic heritage, they had many questions to which our knowledgeable guide answered. At the end, our guide acknowledged that the Members would benefit from post-tour reflection time, which the Members enjoyed before returning to Trilogy.

The tour was a success and other Members have already asked about the next trip to the Nordic Museum!



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