Committees That Work

HOAMCO advocates committees as a way to enhance the health of a community association. Committees are a great way to attract and mobilize volunteers. However, committees should be formed to address specific needs. Their purpose should be plain and strong guidelines should be given to maximize results.

In other words, the Board of Directors should provide committees with a clear charter (see below). A charter sets forth the purpose, responsibilities, and organization of a committee. It clarifies expectations and ensures the committee’s efforts are concentrated on a particular task. It verifies that tasks assigned to the committee are realistic and achievable.

While it is not HOAMCO’s practice to attend committee meetings (unless negotiated as part of the contract), it does support committees however possible, such as providing necessary documents, samples, etc.

The Board of Directors can enhance the success of a committee by:
• only forming a new committee to meet a specific need.
• acting on committee recommendations.
• recognizing committee chairs and committee members for their time and effort.

Sample Committee Charter

Landscape Maintenance Committee

The Landscape Maintenance Committee is commissioned by and reports to the Board of Directors. The committee is responsible for advising the Board on matters pertaining to landscape maintenance of common areas. Recommendations must be prepared and presented by the committee by an established date to be considered for inclusion in the annual budget.

The committee will review all aspects of landscape maintenance. It will study and evaluate the current scope of work as outlined in the landscaping agreement, determine the adequacy of current scope of work, identify areas for enhancement, and present recommendations to the Board by an established date.

The Landscape Maintenance Committee will exist for a period of six months from the date of commission.

The committee will consist of five members appointed by the Board of Directors. The Board will also appoint the committee chairman. The committee will meet as frequently as necessary. Minutes will be taken at all committee meetings.

A copy of all committee minutes will be sent to the Board. All expenditures must be approved by the Board in advance.

Management staff will provide access to all common area property records, files and contracts.