HOAMCO Employees Rally to Support Habitat for Humanity

For 25 years, HOAMCO has been building a company around the concept of community. One of the most crucial things a community can work together to accomplish is reaching out to fill the basic needs of those who cannot do so for themselves.

On Saturday, May 12th, employees from our corporate headquarters in Prescott, AZ volunteered their time to participate in Build Fest 2016, benefitting Prescott Area Habitat for Humanity, an organization dedicated to providing suitable housing for families in need.

By partnering with local companies, Prescott Area Habitat for Humanity is able to maximize their efforts to assist as many families as possible and create as many opportunities for decent housing as they can. Build Fest is a three day event that challenges volunteers from multiple companies to frame a house that will eventually be moved to a permanent location. Once the framed house is completed, a deserving family will be able to call it home.

“Prescott Area Habitat for Humanity is exactly the kind of organization we look to support,” said Stacy Maule, COO of HOAMCO. “HOAMCO was founded on the simple principal of taking care of the communities we are privileged to manage. What better way could there be for us to demonstrate this principal than by helping a family in need to become part of a community?”

We are very proud to have supported such a worthy cause and look forward to partnering with Prescott Area Habitat for Humanity  on future projects. For more information on how you can support this organization, please visit their website, referenced above.


“We jumped in during the time that they were doing all of the interior framing; it felt great knowing that the organizers trusted us with such an integral part of construction. The family that was receiving the house were there almost the entire time. Meeting the mom and two kids who would be living in what we were building really drove the point home on how important what we were doing, and the project as a whole, really was.”

Wilson Van Ness, HOAMCO Head Graphic Designer