Trilogy Food Services Open House Event

Trilogy Food Services Open House Event

We always love to share what’s going on in our communities around the nation. Recently, Trilogy At Redmond Ridge hosted their  Food Services Open House and drew hundreds of Members to the Cascade Club for festivities and fun!

Members enjoyed mingling with their neighbors and staff alike as they got a first-hand look at the new Club Kitchen and sampled a selection of hors d’oeuvres prepared by Chef Jerry Phipps and Sous Chef Rachel Gerk and served by the Pines Bistro and RCA Office staff.

The Activities Department announced upcoming events in November, followed by trivia questions, speeches and champagne toasts by Chef Jerry, General Manager Shellie Monson, and Board Members Bob Schultz and Mike Morrison.

A record number of Members visited the Cascade Club over the course of the evening and the three bars set up for the event were incredibly busy!

Hope to see you at the next event at Trilogy At Redmond Ridge.



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