Why Mission, Vision, and Core Values? It Really Works, Folks.

Even if well-intentioned, no Board can be truly successful if it is only bonded in shared negative experiences. A Board must have a common sense of purpose and direction, and the members must feel they are a part of something positive and greater than themselves.

By Boards working together (not always harmoniously, but always congenially) and ultimately agreeing on what will be their shared reason for existence (Mission), their shared concept for the future (Vision), and their shared philosophy that will represent their culture (Core Values), a Board cannot help but become the team they are meant to be. The sense of accomplishment, the sense of belonging, the sense of functioning as a team indicates not only achievement but that the process itself is a communal, positive experience. As an equally important bonus, the Board will now have a platform for operations and decision-making.

The challenge going forth will be to continue on this new path in spite of the inevitable conflict inherent in change. Can it be done? Yes it can, but only as long as the Board of Directors 1) stays away from activities that belong to staff and 2) work as a body, as a unit, for the good of the whole. This does not mean members are in lock-step; indeed, there surely will be healthy disagreements as there are in any business situation. It does mean that once a decision is made, personal agendas must be left behind so there is unity of purpose for the greater good of the Community.