3 Ways HOA Management Can Help Raise the Property Value of Your Community

3 Ways HOA Management Can Help Raise the Property Value of Your Community

HOA Management Companies do more than simply manage accounting and correspondence for HOA Boards. When you hire a proper association management company, you take a powerful step towards raising the property values of your community.

Here’s how:

Compliance: Nothing drags property value down like unmaintained yards, overrun with weeds and property in disrepair. Nobody likes receiving a compliance letter, however did you know compliance management is one of the main services an association management company can offer to help you raise your community’s property value? By having an experienced and organized compliance team in place, you ensure your properties stay maintained and looking their best. When your neighborhood maintains a properly cared for aesthetic, property values go up!

Community Enrichment: It’s basic human science – when people are happy they are less violent, confrontational, and more apt to follow rules. Keeping your community happy and thriving is essential to community enrichment. A good HOA management company should offer lifestyle management services such as offering Boards assistance with community event calendars, training your concierge, and hiring staff for amenities. Content residents naturally stay “in compliance” and contribute to the overall “health” of your neighborhood. When you have a happy, healthful neighborhood in which your residents want to stay, your property values go up because of your residents working together to keep their community beautiful.

Common Area Management: Keeping your property values on the rise doesn’t only happen when your residents maintain their own properties. As an HOA Board you need to keep your common areas up to code, aesthetically pleasing and clean for your community members. Proper weed care, fresh paint, as well as  proper sanitation and housekeeping will keep your community areas such as your clubhouse, your pool, your sports courts, etc., clean and ready for use. Prospective buyers will fall in love with your community lifestyle first. Make your common areas as beautiful as you can to attract better home prices and new residents who share your HOA’s high standards of living.

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