The Benefits of a Community Webpage for your HOA

If you’re looking for a way to maximize and centralize your community’s communications hub while providing transparency to your residents and potential new home buyers by publicly furnishing HOA documents like CC&Rs, then a Community Website may be a time saving, budget friendly tool for your HOA.

Here are several reasons why a Community Website is a good investment for your Board:

  • News and Events
    • More than ever, residents want to stay informed of community events (online or otherwise), clubhouse and pool re-openings, etc.. Most Community Websites offer an online calendar, event scheduling, “community news,” galleries, eBlasts, as well as other centralized ways to keep your residents apprised of the new and important things happening in the world and at the Clubhouse.


  • Social Distancing is Not Going Away:
    • Until there is a vaccine or cure for Covid-19, it is very unlikely that social distancing behaviors will go away. In this day and age it is imperative that HOA Boards continue to uphold social distancing and safety practices to keep their residents healthy. Online meeting technologies such as Zoom and Gotomeeting as well as Community Websites where you can keep your communications centralized is instrumental in keeping your community running smoothly and safely.


  • Local Government and City Resources
    • Local government and city officials are broadcasting updates daily. Within a Community Website your Board can request that a “Local Resources” page be created, showcasing links and information useful to your community. Giving your residents an “easy-to-find” collection of city government resources, including maps to local trails, golf clubs, etc., is a great way to provide extra service to your HOA.


  • HOA Documents and Forms
    • Keeping your HOA forms and documents organized saves your HOA Community manager, your board and your residents time and money when accessing important forms and HOA guidelines such as ARC and Landscaping. Community Websites usually offer a “Document” or “Resource” directory where you can store and archive your important documents.


  • EBlasts
    • EBlasts are a great way to get important messages to your community, quickly. Make sure, when shopping for a Community Website platform that you ask about “eBlast” capabilities.

HOAMCO Community Websites offers a comprehensive, collaborative approach to Web development. We offer the technology, design and functionality communities need to take their Websites to the next level.

When you choose a HOAMCO Community Website, you get a team of experienced professionals who fully understand the essential needs of community associations. We provide a product that promotes owner engagement, a platform to showcase all governing documents, agendas, meeting minutes, newsletters, events, architectural forms, community news, FAQs and more. 

HOAMCO Community Websites can be accessed 24/7, and provide many benefits to your community.

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