3 Ways Technology Is Improving HOA’s

3 Ways Technology Is Improving HOA’s

As new technology continues to emerge rapidly in areas of Internet accessibility and smart devices, many of us have adjusted our personal functionality to accommodate and are eager for the efficiency brought to us by these advancements. The impact of these innovations have changed nearly every industry on the planet, and homeowner’s association management companies use many of these technologies to modernize and enhance services for their communities globally.

Let’s take a look at three technological advancements that enhance and innovate the relationship between HOA communities and their board members.

Utilizing the Cloud

HOA communities have increasingly relied on using remote host and storage services for data housing and management which has saved thousands in IT and maintenance costs. Online storage of documents like records or meeting minutes makes ease of access a bygone issue for current residents and board members, as well. Finally, cloud computing safeguards against loss or damage of this data due to potential natural disasters.

Smart Communication

Smart devices like laptops, phones, and tablets have generated a boom in available mobile apps and websites offering vendor management, property inspections and even communication networks with homeowner communities and their boards. Automation of these and many other tasks have brought uniformity to homeowner’s association management rules and enforcement.

Securing Data

Protecting sensitive information about community members requires regular evaluation and updating thanks to technology’s rapid growth in an age of security breaching and leaks. Investing in tech platforms offering features such as customized accounts and temporary guest authorizations has streamlined management of community roles. Residents now feel more secure knowing that a lawn care vendor would not receive the same level of access as the community attorney or board member.

HOA Technology Expectations

For homeowner’s association management companies to remain at the forefront and succeed in managing their communities, key technologies like data security, smart communication, and using remote server hosting are vital.  More importantly, the use of these state-of-the-art tools are no longer just a perk that makes management firms stick out; residents view online HOA tech as a standard for interaction within their communities. By prioritizing these services, HOA board members and their clients will continue to evolve and create a comprehensive management policy that benefits their HOA community for years to come.