Summer Prep for HOAs

Summer is just around the corner. Weather is getting warmer, more and more and more people are coming out into the community to enjoy the sunshine. As use increases, let’s take a look at some ways your association can prepare the community for the season.

Prepare to open the community pool.
If your community has a pool, now is the time to prepare for its use! Memorial Day weekend marks the opening of community pools across the US, but first ensure all proper procedures are followed, according to your community’s bylaws and CC&Rs, and take these tips into account:

  • Set the rules. Clear rules and guidelines help to ensure the safety of community members who use the community pool. Make sure your community has established and communicated these rules with the community. Some things to consider including in the guidelines are; pool keys, appropriate swimwear, floatation devices and toys, food and drink, running, and diving.
  • Get it staffed. It’s important for any community pool to have adequate staff to operate safely and effectively. Decide how many employees you’ll need, how to execute training, hours, and so on.
  • Discuss Insurance. Pools can be a liability for the community, because the possibility of a resident getting injured in this common area is higher than in others. After establishing and communicating clear rules to residents, it’s a good idea to discuss the pool with your insurance provider to ensure you’re covered.
  • Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance. In order to keep up a large community pool, it must be regularly maintained by a reputable maintenance company. Collect proposals from a few different vendors in the area to ensure you are getting the best service for the best price.

Plan a fun event.
With the weather warming up and kids out of school, summer is the perfect time for some outdoor fun. Hosting a block party is a community-focused way to do just that while also fostering engagement and encouraging residents to invest in the place they call home. Some ideas for a great warm weather event are; a summer block party, pool party, community carnival, or a chili cook-off! Whatever the event, it is sure to get neighbors together for a good time in the community they love being a part of. Be sure to post the event on your community website, bulletin boards and in your newsletter to spread the word.

Pet Policy Reminders.
With the warmer weather, people tend to stay out and about in the community with their pets for longer periods of time. This is the perfect time to send out reminders about your community’s pet rules. This could include things like keeping dogs leashed, utilizing pet waste stations, barking nuisances, and dog park rules, if your community has one. Post a reminder in your community newsletter or on your HOA website in to ensure everyone gets it.


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