3 Welcome Committee Ideas To Brighten Up Your New Residents’ Day

3 Welcome Committee Ideas To Brighten Up Your New Residents’ Day


One of the best ways to meet and welcome new Homeowners and Residents into your Community is to form a welcome committee.

If you already have one, or, you’re thinking about creating one, these three tips will help you brainstorm some ways to make sure your welcome committee is a successful endeavor


1. Offer A New-Owner Welcome Kit
New owners in your Community will feel excited to know that their move into your HOA was noticed. Offering a New-Owner Welcome Kit of some kind helps to welcome new Owners in while also making sure they have all the information and documentation they need. Some things you may want to include are necessary forms, management company info, governing documents and more!

2. Add A Personal Touch
It’s important to make your first interactions with new residents positive and welcoming, and one of the best ways to do that is to personally welcome new residents with a few members willing to stop by and say hello to new neighbors. First impressions last for years, and a personal touch will help to make your welcome committee be more effective.

3. Get Creative
Don’t be afraid to let your HOA’s unique personality show! Feel free to think outside of the box and welcome new Homeowners into your community with branded gifts, gift baskets, maps of the surrounding area or even home-cooked meals.




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