3 Ways To Increase Community Engagement This Summer


3 Ways To Increase Community Engagement This Summer

Spring is here, and that means it’s time to start planning for fun summer activities in your Community!

One of biggest problems many HOAs face year after is is low engagement rates with their events. Time and resources are spent planning events that bring Homeowners together, so it’s vitally important to engage as many people as possible in your events.


Here are 3 ways you can increase engagement this summer in your community.

Raise awareness for your events
Residents often miss events and meetings they would have otherwise attended simply because they didn’t know they were happening. We all get busy, and sometimes it can be helpful to be reminded of upcoming events. Your HOA can do this by strategizing and organizing a clear summer event / meeting schedule that can be planned on for the duration of the summer. Organization is key in raising awareness!

Communicate often
Many Boards report low attendance rates and engagement within their Communities even after publicizing their events and meeting schedules. A quick way to increase these rates is to simply increase communications frequency in the form of simple reminders and “save the date” style messaging. Your Community is busy, so it’s important to give a few extra reminders for the sake of engagement.

Get social
Let your Community share their excitement! Social media platforms such as Facebook can offer HOAs a great environment in which to publish, promote and generate buzz around upcoming events. People love to RSVP and share with their friends about their social gatherings. Social media will enable them to do so quickly and easily.


Keep these three tips in mind as you plan events in your Community this year. Your engagement will benefit greatly if you do!




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