3 Ways To Improve Homeowner Board Relations

If you’ve ever felt tension between Homeowners and Board Members within your Community, you know the pressure that can put on an entire Community.

When there’s a discord between what goes on at the Board level and what the actions Homeowners take, everyone suffers from this stressful environment.

It becomes incredibly important to resolve any tension that’s occurring on this level. Here are 4 ways you can begin to improve Homeowner/Board relations.

1. Become Transparent

Lack of transparency between what’s going on at the Board level within the Community is one of the biggest problems for many. Remedy this by ensuring that all budges, rules and regulations, documents etc. are easily accessed and readily available to Homeowners.


2. Communicate  Effectively

Confusion occurs when information doesn’t get communicated clearly and effectively. This means that both Homeowners and Board Members must all have access to the same, accurate information. This is accomplished most effectively through frequent and high-quality communication. Increase the levels and frequency of communication for the benefit of all parties involved.


3. Ask For Involvement

Nothing is more frustrating than feeling like your being left out of important decisions and events. While it can feel like involvement is implied in the nature of being a Homeowner, the reality is that asking for your Community to get involved and active is essential. Create public events, setup communication channels and invite involvement there. Let everyone know the exciting things that are happening within your Community and communicate those things often.


Begin to consider these three tips and how they can fit into your Board/Homeowner relationships. Once you do, you’ll find greater trust and a more cohesive Community that loves to work and live together.



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