5 Basic Responsibilities Of Board Members

5 Basic Responsibilities Of Board Members

Thinking about becoming a Board Member within your HOA? It’s important to know what kinds of activities you’ll be taking part in before you commit to a Board Member position. That’s why we created this post, to give you a little insight and to better understands what you can expect in general.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it will get you going. Every Association is unique and Board Members within every organization carry out different responsibilities that serve their Communities individually.

Here are 5 basic responsibilities Board Members commonly practice during the time they serve on the Board.

Maintaining the properties and overall aesthetic of your Community is one of the top priorities of all Board Members. Members rely on the Board to ensure that their Community stays clean, well-kept and constantly improving over the long-term.

There are basic fiduciary obligations that relate to certain positions within the Board. These different from HOA to HOA, but if you’re interested in serving, it’s essential to understand what role you play in protecting your HOA from a legal standpoint.

Upgrades are an exciting and necessary part of any Community. This is a creative and collaborative process that allows your HOA to evolve over time into an amenity-rich environment that attracts new Homeowners and satisfies current residents.

Long-term planning is also an essential part of serving on any HOA Board. Working together with other Members, you have a hand in ensuring that the Community runs smoothly by having the foresight to plan for maintenance projects, community events and budget allocations.


Getting involved with your HOA at the Board level is an exciting endeavor that you might want to look into! Get to know your current board better and get involved so you can learn more about how your unique Board operates.




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