7 Tried and True Tips for Effectively Working from Home

As we continue to do our part to contribute to social distancing efforts, many of you are working from home during this time. For those used to coming into the office every day, remote work may require a bit of adjustment. Here are some tips to help ease the transition:

Establish Your Space:

A dedicated space to work is a key (and often overlooked) aspect of working from home. By setting aside an area that is your “professional zone,” you’ll instinctively slip into “work mode” whenever you sit down. Make sure this area is clean and organized and (if possible) not used by anyone else at home. On that note…

Replicate Your Office Environment (If It Works for You)

If you are used to a formal office, and you took a lot of time to assemble a work-space there to your liking, it might help to replicate that environment in your work-from-home space. For example, if you have brought home files or other physical media that you need, make sure it goes in roughly the same position vis-à-vis your desk.

Set Up a Schedule

Setting up a strict schedule (and sticking to it) can not only help you plan, but it can help ensure you are still on target with your work when you’re working from home.

Stick to Your Goals

It’s key that you stick to your goals during this time. Don’t be afraid to ask your supervisor for the resources & tools you might need at this moment in order to complete your tasks. We are all in this together and your supervisor only wants you to succeed.

Check In Constantly

When in doubt, go with over-communication: update your supervisor and team members frequently on what you’re doing. When everyone’s working remotely, it’s very easy to end up trapped in a “bubble’ of your own making, so keep the conversation going via phone, Slack, Zoom, or the messaging platform of your choice. (Bonus: Chatting with people can also help relieve feelings of isolation.)

Wear Pants

Now that more people are working remotely, there are a lot of jokes flying around about “working in your underwear” or “not even bothering to get dressed.” And yet, taking the time to get dressed and perform your usual self-care routine can prove a big psychological booster.

Plan Ahead (As Much As You Can)

It’s easy to fall into the trap of excessive short-term thinking. Schedule some time with yourself to plot out your next week & month. What’s coming up? While nobody knows just how long this situation will last, doing as much long-term planning as you can, will only benefit you.