Social Media and Managed Communities

Social media platforms have the power to bring people living in managed communities together, create a greater depth of communication and become a place where experiences can be shared and enjoyed. It’s been said that community and social media go hand in hand. That’s why more and more homeowners associations are getting involved in the world of social media.

Although it can be a force for good, social media can also be a source of frustration for homeowners associations if care is not taken at the outset of joining these sites. Here are a few things to consider before setting your Association up on a social media site:

To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question!

The first thing the Board needs to do is consider whether or not setting up a Facebook page, or other social media site, is right for your Association. If the residents of your community are personally involved in social media, you have a lot of community news to communicate or you host a lot of activities and events for the residents, then social media probably makes sense for your Association.

Which social media sites should we belong too?

Not all social media sites are created equal. Some have difficult user interfaces which make it hard for people to get the hang of them. If it’s hard to use the site, users likely won’t take to it. So it’s important to check out your options before going all in.

Safety first!

Social media sites aren’t all fun and games. They can pose a real threat to the privacy of your residents. Each social media outlet has security settings built into the user ID’s of each member. Knowing what these settings include, where to find them and how to use them is one of the most important things a Board of Directors needs to take into consideration when using social media on behalf of the Association.

With all of the complexities of social media, this article only just scratches the surface. HOAMCO would be happy to help you navigate the world of social media for your Association. For more information contact your HOAMCO Community Manager or our Marketing Department at