Social Media for Your HOA

HOA’s are asking if they should begin taking Social Media seriously.

Homeowners are getting much younger, with both Millennials and Gen Z’s wanting their own sustainable homes as well as being eager to be involved with their community. For HOA’s this translates to homeowners that are tech-savvy and keenly focused on social media. So should your HOA use social media to connect to your residents? The answer is YES.

What is the role of social media in your HOA?

The role of social media in your HOA is to step into the 21st Century with your community’s individual online presence, it’s actually one of the first things you should do. Your HOA community can easily be a constant flow of communication through messages, images, and conversations providing information that will strengthen your community.

The most popular way to use social media is to share your community calendar. This will inform your residents of important announcements and timely reminders of the events your committees have coordinated. Residents will welcome shared seasonal information as well, such as changes affecting your community’s functions.

Bring your community together.

Highlight your HOA’s underused amenities. Put a spotlight on your pool hours or new gym equipment, there is no limit of information you can share. You can remind your residents that great amenities are often a short stroll from their front door.

Making connections through your social media efforts will bring like-minded neighbors together.

Social media will create a modern community of neighbors transitioning into friends. Attracting future homeowners is made easier with social media, giving a pre-view for potential buyers of your HOA. And, will welcome new homeowners to your neighborhood with upcoming friendly event notices and charming neighborhood photographs.

Discover the benefits of using social media.

There is a positive side to social media within HOA’s! Do you need new Board Members? This is a great way to entice quiet neighbors to begin involvement with your HOA through fun committees. Consider the convenience and cost savings of posting newsletters, community emails, meeting announcements – all are benefits of social media.

Better communication, saves time, and it’s FREE!

A investment in an HOA social media presence saves time in communicating key information. And, it is FREE!

Your Board members, a volunteers, or community managers can post anytime that works for their schedule. Utilizing social media is a great tool should there be a community emergency, or neighborhood crisis. With a click of a button information will spread like wildfire keeping YOUR residents informed.