Welcoming Your HOA Renters

Renters moving into a new home can be an exciting yet stressful experience.  As they meet new people as well as learning HOA rules and regulations, it can be overwhelming. Welcoming new renters into the neighborhood is just as important as welcoming a new homeowner. Don’t underestimate the value of how a new renter can become invested in an HOA. When they’re informed and included in their HOA, they are just as viable as a homeowner.


A warm welcome from the HOA to renters can give a lasting impression perhaps convincing them someday to purchase within your community. Create a welcome committee designed specifically for the renters. This can really break the ice by having a few friendly faces make them comfortable in their neighborhood. They may have skills or talents that can benefit their community, don’t overlook renters!


More than likely, the homeowner has not shared the community’s CC&R’s, be sure they have been given this information to better adapt to your community. Educating your renters of these rules and regulations will provide them the knowledge they need to become a good neighbor to those around them. Ensure they know who to contact within your Board should there be any questions.

Another great way to break the ice is to bring them the current HOA newsletter, consider including this in a welcome packet that designed for renters. Share your social media tools with them, make sure they are plugged in by having a special log-in to stay current with your community.


Whether an active adult 55+ community, high rise condominiums, to single-family communities, HOAMCO knows property management. We provide tools for our communities to make sure they excel in a happy and healthy community environment.

An appropriately-run community is our investment to ensure your residents have the customer service experience they deserve. This is true for both homeowners and renters alike. We want all to have a feeling of being welcomed and informed to encourage residents to stay.

With HOAMCO, our experienced managers and team want all to be involved and attended to, so our communities thrive. Visit us anytime at www.hoamco.com for more information.