We want to hear from you!

You are why we’re here!

It’s an amazing accomplishment to be able to say that for the past two years, not one single client managed by HOAMCO has decided to seek management services with another company. There are many factors that play into attaining a 100% client retention rate and one of the most important  is listening to what your clients are saying, not just when they are happy but all of the time.

That is the reason why with every email we send out and with every visit to our website we give everyone, not just current clients, an opportunity to give us feedback on the level of customer service they received during their interaction with HOAMCO.

This type of feedback is vital; it allows us to celebrate what our team is doing well and correct any inefficiency that might arise. So if you ever get the chance, please visit the satisfaction questionnaire on our website and let us know what you think. We want to hear from you!

Click here to head to the HOAMCO Satisfaction Questionnaire.