Winter Storm Preparedness For HOAs

Winter Storm Preparedness For HOAs

Winter storms are here and it’s time to start thinking about how effective your snow management plan is working in real time.

It’s sometimes easy to overlook heavy snow events if you generally don’t have to deal with snow. But it may be prudent to consider this year how a heavy snowfall could bring with it a host of safety issues, including parking difficulties, driving hazards and dangerous walking conditions.

As a Homeowner, it can be confusing to pin down who’s responsible for snow removal when a storm blows in. Equip yourself with the correct information by contacting your local Board or community manager when winter arrives. This can cut down on confusion of who will be removing your snow and when they will arrive after heavy snowfalls.

As an HOA Board, it can be helpful to review the Association’s governing documents so that all Board members are clear on how the snow will be managed and removed. It’s a great idea to communicate areas of responsibility and contact information to all homeowners at the beginning of winter, so everyone is on the same page at the beginning of the winter season. Lastly, a quick follow up with your snow removal contractors every season will mitigate any confusion.

Good communication and pre-season planning are at the center of every highly effective snow removal plan. Every season, touch base with your contacts and areas of responsibilities to help reduce stress and panic during this unpredictable time of year.

When extreme winter weather strikes, a solid action plan can get your Community back to normal quickly.